Monday, October 24, 2011

Tutu cute! Heidi Klum and Seal take their little dancers Leni and Lou to ballet class

As the daughters of a supermodel, little Helene 'Leni' Samuel and Lou Samuel may one day be destined for a career on the catwalk. But for now it seems that ballet may be the youngsters' true passion.
Heidi and Seal whisked their seven-year-old and two-year-old girls to dance class yesterday in Los Angeles.
 Leni is the oldest of Heidi and her pop star husband Seal's children. Although not her genetic father, Seal was present at Leni's birth and has since adopted her. While Heidi has made it no secret that she adores being a mother,  she says her family is now complete.
She recently confirmed that her 48-year-old husband Seal won't be adding to their own already sizeable brood any time soon. The German model told the Mail Online: ‘We are done now. I think four to look after is plenty. We aren’t like Angelina and Brad. Four is a good number.'
Along with Leni, Heidi and Seal have two sons Henry, five, and Johan, four. After finally hanging up her wings as Victoria's Secret model,  Heidi is keeping busy with many other ventures including hosting Project Runway and co-designer of her active wear New Balance clothing line. The supermodel, known for her flamboyant costumes, is also planning her annual star-studded Halloween bash.
Secara serius memang admire sungguh dengan depa ni. Anak x main la antar pengasuh, sume jaga sendiri, klu kene g shooting ke ape, memang depa angkut anak2.
1 lagi family yang leh tahan la aku kagum, angelina ngan brat, sungguh KAGUM
kita kat malaysia ni, mane nak cari orang glamer2 yang ramai anak
yang ramai anak orang dok kat kampung je
mau sepuluh pun kira sikit lagi
tapi ce orang bandar
3 orang tu pun dah cam sedozen
JOM pakat2 tambah umat manusia

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