Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lee Chong Wei

Nama : Lee Chong Wei
Tarikh Lahir : 21 Oktober 1982
Asal : Penang, Malaysia
Tinggi : 1.74m
Berat : 60kg
Agak2 korang la.. ape la masalah dieorang dua orang neh.. huhuhu... bnyak sngat spekulasi bila Misbun ni kua dari BAM.. last2 skang ni Si anak buah pun nak joint skali gak.. cam ne tu... poning lak pkir.. huhuhu..... memandangkan si Chong Wei ni adalah pemain no.1 dunia... konflik ni cam jadi isu hangat lak kat Malaysia ni....

LEE Chong Wei is not ready to change coaches and will quit the national squad if Misbun Sidek is not persuaded by the BA of Malaysia (BAM) executive council (exco) to reconsider his decision.
Chong Wei, who returned from Taiwan yesterday, said it will take at least six months to adapt to the training methods of a new coach and the World No 1 does not want to risk his preparations for the 2012 London Olympics.
The BAM exco meeting will be held tomorrow where president Datuk Seri Nadzmi Salleh is likely make an official announcement on the Misbun issue.
The majority of exco and council members favour accepting Misbun's resignation which means Chong Wei's departure also looks inevitable.
"I don't want to train under anyone other than Misbun and if he decides to leave, I will join him. If BAM accepts his resignation, I will leave immediately," said Chong Wei yesterday.
"It takes about six months to adapt to the training of a new coach and I don't want to take the risk at this stage of my career. I need to prepare for the 2012 London Olympics and I want to be under Misbun."
Chong Wei also disclosed that Misbun had been calling him in Taiwan and helping him during the World Super Series Masters Finals which the former won.
Chong Wei is also looking forward to a confrontation with China's Olympic champion Lin Dan in a likely semi-final encounter in the Malaysia Open, and no matter what transpires in the next few days, he is certain Misbun will be guiding him in the Super Series event next week.
"People are expecting a battle against Lin Dan in the Malaysia Open and Misbun will be there to guide me, no matter what happens in the coming days," said Chong Wei.
"If a decision is finalised on Wednesday (tomorrow) where Misbun's resignation is accepted, I will go out (of the national team) but I will compete in the Malaysia Open as I am serious about defending the title."
It appears that BAM should be prepared to let Misbun and Chong Wei go and this could be followed by the departure of several elite players like Tan Chun Seang, Chan Kwong Beng and Liew Daren.
However, BAM may have to accept that the only way it can persuade Misbun to stay is by making an about-turn on the recently revamped national training structure.
That prospect doesn't look bright if the mood of the BAM management and council members is any indication.
Ni antara orang-orang dalam BAM (Badminton association of Malaysia)

MAJU LAH sukan Untuk N.E.G.A.R.A

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