Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Giuliana and Bill Rancic have banked newborn Edward's cord blood

Menjadi ibu bapa adalah impian setiap pasangan yang mendirikan rumah tangga
sesusah mana pun, pelbagai usaha dilakukan
tapi kengkadang, x semua impian dapat ditunaikan
bercerita pasal zuriat ni
i rajin gak tengok citer rialiti Guliana and Bill
minat tu memang minat
tapi rancangan dieorang ni lain skit kot
maklumla sifat keibuan tu tebal kot
dah tu tengok susah payah die orang nak dapatkan anak
tambah plak ngan dugaan kaser dan memacam lagi la

Welcoming a new baby often means getting wrapped up in the present, documenting their first steps, first words, first tooth. But Giuliana and Bill Rancic have looked to the future with their newborn son Edward Duke.
The couple, who became parents on August 29 via gestational surrogacy, have considered the health benefits of cord blood banking - and written a detailed blog about their decision to invest in it.

These 'banking' facilities store umbilical cord blood for future use should a health problem occur for the individual in question, with the transplants treating diseases of the blood and immune systems.
The reality stars have now partnered with Cord Blood Registry to launch the Healthy Futures Campaign, 'an initiative to inform parents on their choices regarding their baby’s umbilical cord'.

Speaking to People, the new parents revealed: 'When it started to become a reality that we would soon have a baby, we began thinking through all the ways to prepare. 
'You think of all the obvious things: the nursery, the stroller, the car seat, the adorable onesies for every day of the week (Okay, that last one was from Giuliana).
'But then we also started thinking about some maybe not-so-obvious ways to prepare, like cord blood banking.'

The blog goes on to explain that they were introduced to the concept 12 years ago, when Giuliana’s first niece was born - with her sister Monica then banking all four of her kids’ cord blood stem cells.
They continued: 'Some parents might ask us why we banked. After our own health scares and all that we went through to finally get pregnant, it was a no-brainer for us...
'Like all parents, we want a healthy future for our child, but no one can predict the future. The value of cord blood stem cells is something we want every parent to be informed about.'
Following the educational post, they concluded: 'We couldn’t be more overjoyed to have a beautiful, healthy newborn at home with us. 
'Looking at his precious face makes going through all of our previous pregnancy struggles worth it.'
Giuliana cut her maternity leave short by returning to work on Sunday to host the Emmys red carpet coverage for E! on Sunday.

maybe pasal susah payah nak dapatkan anak ni
maka dieorang terpikir nak buat investment cam ni
sama la kot ngan konsep orang kita yang menabung insuran anak2 (pendapat saya)
nak invest yang lelain tu boleh la kot. tapi bergantung kepada kemampuan jugak


cinda said...

chomel anak dia...ghupe giuliana..

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Anonymous said...

pegang anak cmtu jer.. cm klaka la pulak.. huhu..

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